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Monday October 18th 2021

Bletchingley Community Speedwatch Update

The Bletchingley community speedwatch programme swung into action this week when PC Cocks of Surrey Police conducted final training with members of the Bletchingley Speedwatch Team on Tuesday evening (24th July).

Based on community comment Bletchingley Parish Council has identified various “Speedwatch” sites around the village to monitor vehicle speeds.

How Speedwatch works – Firstly let me please inform you that a Speedwatch team will never stop a motorist only the Police can do that.

The speedwatch team uses a sophisticated Radar Gun and records the registrations of motorists at or above an agreed target speed – usually slightly above the posted speed limit. The Speedwatch team will then simply record speeding (above or equal to the target speed) vehicle registration plates and passes the information onto Surrey Police.

What happens if you are speeding in a Speedwatch area?

If you are monitored as using excessive speed your details will be passed to Surrey Police who in conjunction with Surrey County Council, identify the drivers and registered keepers and write to them requesting their co-operation in the future (Essentially a “Yellow Card”). All you need to do is ensure you keep to the speed limit in the future. If then you are monitored again you will be targeted for enforcement using relevant traffic legislation where appropriate. (Essentially a “Red Card”).

This is seen as a fairer way to educate drivers with a warning in the hope that it would help them to think about there journey and allow extra time to go from A to B.

The Bletchingley Speedwatch team has been trained by Surrey Police and follows a code of conduct to operate. The team would however welcome any other interested members of Bletchingley Village to join them. Full training will be given by Surrey Police the only criteria are you must be 18 years of age or over.

If you would like to learn more about Community Speedwatch or comment further then please contact either the Clerk to the Parish Council, the Community Speedwatch Administrator on 0845 125 222 or write to your local Police station.

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