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Monday December 4th 2023

North Park Quarry

North Park Quarry Exhibition Leaflet

Sibelco operates North Park Quarry located to the north of Bletchingley village. The quarry has been in operation since the late 1970’s, before which the Company (then known as British Industrial Sand) extracted sand further to the east near Godstone. The sand extracted at North Park Quarry is from the Cretaceous, Lower Greensand horizon and is one of the highest quality sands in the UK for the manufacture of clear glass (bottles, jars and window glass). North Park Quarry is one of only three quarries in England capable of supplying sands of this quality to the UK glass industry.

Sibelco is the country’s foremost extractor, processor and supplier of specialist industrial sands, supplying many of the UK’s key manufacturing sectors. It supplies a range of specialist high grade silica sand (industrial sands) to industrial markets from sites throughout the UK including flat glass, coloured and colourless container glass, foundry, paint, ceramics, water filtration and amenity/leisure industries.

The sand from North Park Quarry was, until 2005, transferred to Holmethorpe near Redhill for processing. However, since 2006 the sand has been processed in a new processing plant located within North Park Quarry and despatched using a dedicated road linking to the M25 at Junction 6 to the north of Godstone village.

In 2012 the Company secured permission to extend operations onto land to the west of the current quarry to maintain supply to customers on a national basis. The Company remained in full dialogue with local Parish Councils and other groups throughout the planning process. The development works to access this new area at Pendell were completed in late 2014 and quarrying will commence in early 2015 with the sand being transferred to the existing processing plant at North Park Quarry by a covered conveyor. A number of footpaths which cross the new quarry site have been diverted and the alternative routes (including a new footpath) have been opened for use.

Sibelco has, for many years, operated a community liaison group with representatives from parish councils, District and County Council, local groups and local residents at which matters relating to ongoing and planned site activities are discussed. More recently, an additional group has been set up to specifically discuss matters relating to dust. A comprehensive dust monitoring programme has been in place since early 2011 and the Company continues to invest in water sprays and other industry best practice measures to continually improve performance in relation to dust management at the quarry. These measures and results from the extensive monitoring network will continue to be discussed and refined through the local quarry liaison groups.

If residents wish to discuss any aspect of the operations at North Park Quarry they can contact the Company via or 01270 752522



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