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Monday December 4th 2023

Monotype Football Club

In the summer of 2017 Monotype Football Club has chosen  Grange Meadow as its new home.

History of the Club:-

We at Monotype FC are very proud of our heritage and roots. The birth of the football club evolved from a company that first came to the UK from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA in 1897. The Lanston Monotype Corporation founded in 1887, manufactured precision made printing machinery. Tolbert Lanston (1844-1913) was the inventor of this revolutionary machinery and the founder of Monotype. The Companies London branch was established in 1897 with a UK factory being built on the Salfords site in 1899. The first machines were sold in 1900 at which point Monotype was then divided into 2 companies:

1. Monotype Corporation Ltd.
2. Monotype International Ltd.

Together they employed over 700 people making machinery that was to be sold worldwide. The Monotype Sports & Social Club was founded in 1929 by the workers of these two companies and opened by the Right Honourable Lord Askwith.

Subsequently the Monotype Football Club was born.

The name “Monotype” is still recognised worldwide today and although the Company and their Salfords factory are now part of history, the name lives on through Monotype Football Club and we continue to uphold the traditions of the club by playing our football on the same historic Salfords site. We are a thriving, developing community based football club, with our core club values of PRIDE, – Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity & Equality at the heart of all we do

Monotype Football club has a Senior, Junior Boys and Girls team. For more details see