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Monday December 4th 2023

Village Transport Scheme in Bletchingley

History:- The transport scheme within the village started in 1970 and has been in operation ever since. It came into being when the newly formed Age Concern Bletchingley identified transport as one of the needs of the more elderly residents in the village.

Who Can use it?  The transport scheme is intended primarily for the more elderly, but it is also open to anyone in the village who is without transport for whatever reason. The scheme operates to anyone in the village for visits to the doctor, dentist, hospital, chiropodist, shopping, library etc.

Who provides the transport?  Transport is provided by a team of volunteer drivers using their own cards who make themselves available. Lifts are co-ordinated through the transport organiser and a realistic mileage allowance is offered. Drivers undertake to collect and return passengers to their homes as required.

How is it funded? The scheme is organized through Age Concern Bletchingley and costs are paid from their funds. It is reliant mainly on donations, but also on support from other organizations within the village and fund raising ventures to cover the costs of the scheme. All such help is much appreciated.

How much will it cost for a lift? It is completely FREE, though donations are always appreciated.

How do I book a lift? The co-ordinator of this scheme is Pat Napper. If you are in need of a lift, please ring Pat on 01883 744026 giving as much notice as possible.

Is there a limit on distance? Most journeys are within the village or to local services in Godstone, Merstham, Catherham, Redhill and other local villages and towns. Occasionally there is a call to go further afield and wherever possible Pat will try to find a driver.