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Monday December 4th 2023

Youth Club

The Youth Club is currently closed due to a shortage of volunteers.  The search is on to remedy this and open again as soon as possible.  This will either be after half term or in the new year hopefully as we do not want to loose this facility for the youth of the village.

The Youth Club opened on 22nd July 2010 with a membership of around 50 members on the books and a small group regularly attending every session and others attending when they are able to. We were lucky enough to have secured additional funding to enable us to continue to utilise the services of the Demo Pod from Surrey Clubs for Young People again in 2012 to allow the children to undertake various awards, with 3 attempting their Bronze Arts Award. In 2011 a group of children attended a one day Animation Workshop Programme which resulted in a series of short films being made about a Dinosaur theme park.

Other organised activities included a day of Model Car racing at Grange Meadow, a whole day of activities at the Hawthorns School and a trip to the Bowling Alley in Crawley to name some of them. Grateful thanks go to the Hawthorns Sports Centre and the Model Car Racing Club for facilitating these events.

Any 10 to 16 year olds interested in coming along on a Thursday evening during term times from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, all you need to do is come along, become a member by completing 3 forms and bring along £1 for each session you attend and a little change for the tuck shop if you like.  Come along and join us and see if you too can start to experience some of the things the children above have commented on.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help. You will be required to undergo a CRB check which takes up to 2 months. The new forms are much simpler to complete. If you are interested in helping out, please do make contact with myself (Kim Wantling) for more information. We would also love to hear from anyone who may have a particular skill/interest that would be great to share with the kids at one of the sessions, such as self defence, face painting, making things, boxing/karate. If you are one of these people and would like to share it with the kids, we can make a contribution towards your expenses, then please get in touch as the kids would love to hear from you.

The kids love it and it is great to see them enjoying themselves in a safe and yet fun environment. Please find below some of the comments made by some of those attending.

“The youth club is very good and I’m glad we have it because it has lots of good facilities and so we don’t hang about on the streets.” by Kerry and Hannah

“It means I don’t have to be with my brother and sister all the time and can get some time to myself.” by Jessica

“Favourite thing is the Demo Pod, and being able to meet friends and stuff.” by Tara

“You get to make CDs.” by Billy

“It’s somewhere to get away. I like to play pool.” – by Reece

“I like coming here ‘coz I like the fun. Play snooker and really like that.  There’s a choice of things to do. Seeing my old school mates again is excellent. Every Thursday this is what I’m looking forward to. Can we have darts?” by Liam

“I like snooker and the Demo Pod and table tennis and the Wii.” by Billy

“A fun place and time to chill out. Lots of good things to do here and its really enjoyable fun.” by Warren

For more information contact Kim Wantling on 01883 742 998 or by e-mail to