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Thursday February 25th 2021

MacMillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Unfortunately we will not be able to hold our Coffee Morning at the Golf Club this year but the need for MacMillan Cancer support is as great as ever.  An estimated quarter of a million people with cancer in the UK fall into the clinically vulnerable category for Coronavirus.  MacMillan have introduced new support services, delivered over the phone or online, and redeployed their nurses to areas of greatest need within the NHS in an attempt to meet the growing demand for their services.

Hopefully as many of us as possible will hold our own Coffee Mornings so that a restricted number of guests can be invited to ensure social distancing.  For tablecloths, banners, balloons, etc look at, email  or ring 0330 102 7810.  It is usually held on the last Friday of September – 25th September this year, but it does not matter when you hold it.     If you just have a neighbour or friend or two in for coffee, or want to make a donation – I will be happy to collect the money and pay it in to MacMillan for you.

Any queries please ring me – Ann Pressey, 01883 744191