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Monday October 26th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch – October

In the past month copper and other metal piping has been stolen from driveways, sometimes in daylight.  It seems that thieves are watching for such opportunities and are becoming more daring.

On a country road a padlock was sawn off a garden shed and a quad bike taken, suggesting that the building had been previously sussed.  I know I’m boring and repetitive to keep saying this and that you can’t protect your outhouse if the thief arrives with bolt-cutters etc., but this kind of incident is rife now so if you CAN keep valuable garden and electrical equipment inside your house, please do.

Fly-tipping is on the increase too, probably partly because the bulk refuse collection lorries have been cancelled owing to the pesky virus.  A big load of pallets, glass and window-frames was dumped, completely blocking Outwood Lane, and furniture, toys and bicycles abandoned in Church Lane.  If you see any fly-tipping, please phone Tandridge District Council.

Some light relief:  Police say that early this year an especially dim thief stole computers from a Caterham school.  He was caught on CCTV driving into the carpark, breaking into the building – then took an hour to get out of the carpark because the automatic barrier came down at 22.30 hrs.!  He got 33 months in jail.


We’ve done 3 sessions since I last wrote – and didn’t have to cancel for rain, though had to change from biro to pencil as the drizzle made the record sheet too soggy to write on.  Enforced inactivity in the lockdown from March to May means that we still have 13 to do before the end of the year so you can expect regular appearances from us.

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