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Saturday August 8th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch – June

Firstly, I hope you’re all well.  We’ve been very obedient in Bletchingley about keeping the Covid rules and as a result there have been only a few cases.  I think it’s a tribute to our sense of responsibility that this has been the case.  We’re a very nice community and it’s been of value during this epidemic with people looking out for each other and being caring and sensible.

I hear that Darren McClean has been up in court, pleaded not guilty and will be up again in September with trial likely in October.

The motor-bikers in the fields behind Coneybury have been even more of a nuisance than usual.  The word has got round that it’s a great race-track and bikers have been coming from Croydon and elsewhere, although the owners of the field have not given permission so this activity is illegal.  Barriers have been broken down and a gate removed by these people who do not care about residents’ right to peace and quiet. The police have several times spoken to the riders and residents have taken photos and the numbers of vehicles which deliver the bikes.  We’re all doing our best to prevent this nuisance but we think it will only stop if the police seize and destroy the bikes.  I’m working on this. If you do see the motorbikes on these fields please ring 111 and quote Neighbourhood Issue reference 45200043168.

Last time I forgot to mention that milk bottles had on several mornings been stolen from doorsteps.  The householders having to drink black tea knew who the thief was and as a result he was visited by PCSO Lorraine and  their breakfast tea is nicely milky again.  This seems like a silly, minor incident but it pointed up something more significant: someone in need of help and advice and he got them.

In the past month as usual (I’m yawning as you must be because you’ve heard this before!) incidents have been mainly outhouse break-ins, vehicles vandalised or catalytic converters removed.  It’s not always the owner’s fault; often the shed or outhouse has previously been sussed and the thieves have used crowbars to break padlocks.  It’s best not to leave any valuable bikes or equipment in outhouses if you can possibly keep them in your house.

Fraud is reaching frightening levels, using every medium and door-stepping. Please don’t trust anyone looking for agents to deliver crystals, posing as official Covid testers/tracers, DVLA officials,  or anyone else you have suspicions about.  Don’t click on links or give out any personal or bank details.  If I didn’t know what lovely people YOU are I’d despair of greedy ruthless humanity!



Good news – but not just yet: it looks as if we can soon resume operations, possibly on 15th June, but we’re waiting for HQ to issue guidelines.  Hope to see you before long, cruising at the legal speeds, and remember that there are now several different ones between us and Godstone.

On the weekend of 30th/31st May the police were out to try to reduce road accidents and checked vehicles of every kind, even horses.  They booked quite a number (no, not Neddy or Red Rum!) and found that the biggest problem was not giving enough space while passing.  I’ll think especially about bicycles from now on.  It can’t be fun being blown off course on the A25.

I’m always happy to have your input:  Di Turner    01883 743598