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Thursday July 29th 2021

Neighbourhood Watch – November


A new hotline has been opened by Crimestoppers because of the number of fraud attempts as a result of Covid 19 – fake medics, equipment and vaccine offers etc.  The number to ring if you need to report a suspected fraud is 0800 587 5030 and the line is open 24/7 365 days a year.

The murderer of Mr Dennis Kelland who lived on the border of Bletchingley has been found guilty.  Darren McClean, who used to live in our village, was sentenced to life imprisonment for a minimum of 32 years. The court refused to accept his initial plea of manslaughter.  Many of us were aware of his past crimes but not the extent of them.  He admitted 2 counts of burglary and 3 of fraud and, prior to these, had appeared in court 41 times for 117 offences.  It seems incredible that he managed to cause so much trouble in the relatively short time he was not in court, remanded, tagged or in jail!

And to my mind it shows that the police WERE catching him but the courts weren’t strict enough.  I’d like to know what you think.

Poaching is on the increase, and not only at nights; it’s not the clandestine business it used to be and the scale is greater, using several criminals and vehicles.  A resident here recently saw a group of people chasing sheep in daytime and raised the alarm.

A mechanic in a local garage tells me that they’ve had two car-owners coming in for replacement fuel lines after theirs were cut and petrol stolen.  There are/will be more of these incidents probably – not only a real nuisance to the driver but also a fire risk.

Incidents reported in the police update include: a car burnt out and abandoned in Stychens Lane, causing damage to gates; a green Ford Focus stolen from St. Catherine’s Cross (and I’ll add that I saw this vehicle parked on the road with a TDC notice on it saying it had no road tax or MOT!); batteries taken from a barn in South Park Lane (when challenged, the thieves made off in a car, which they crashed, and then ran off); a fire door forced at the golf club and petty cash stolen; two window panels smashed in Coneybury; the window of a car vandalised in Godstone Road.

Take care in the pre-Christmas period: with your money and cards in shops, keeping goods and presents out of sight in vehicles and houses, deterring burglars with lights and sound when you’re not at home.

Christmas may not be as jolly as usual but I hope you all have a happy time.


We were doing SO well and now it’s lockdown again and we’re not allowed to go out.  We will do as soon as we have permission though.  Please don’t speed, or drive while under the influence because the police will be doing their customary checks. Stay safe.

Di Turner:        01883 743598