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Wednesday August 5th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch – May

As I write on May 10th, all other local crime seems insignificant compared with the dreadful murder of Mr Dennis Kellond in his bungalow on the A25 just beyond our border with Godstone.  One of the most appalling aspects is that he was 88 and such a nice, well-respected man.  Another is that the person charged, Darren McClean, was brought up and lived until recently in Bletchingley.  The third is that it is reported that he dressed as a medic. in gown and mask.  This is a ploy used elsewhere too: the householder assumes that the person at the door has come to administer a CV19 test or is a health and safety officer.  This is very unlikely to happen again here but please be aware that similar approaches are being made by EVERY means to con people into parting with money – almost unbelievably heartless and sickening, but true.  McClean has already been charged and by the time you read this he will have been up for trial on May 29th.  Well done, police, who arrested him within hours.

There’s nothing funny about any of this but, ironically, I had the usual police Alert email update in March and it contained a message something like this:  A Darren of Lingfield had complained on a police website that the police should go after “proper criminals” instead of wasting time on other matters.  So the police did just that; they went round to Darren McClean’s and arrested him for several offences including theft from a vehicle in Bletchingley on 17th February.

Well done also to our police for their work to pinpoint nuisance motor-bikers illegally riding on paths and fields to the misery of nearby householders unable to enjoy the sunshine in their gardens because of the hours of noise. If you’re aware of these bikes – and it happens especially at weekends – please phone 101 immediately, quoting the ref. 45200043168.  PCSO Lorraine Wells (who visited me recently and is most definitely working here, her favourite patch) and PC Vicky Seymour have been on the case and know who some of the bikers are and have contacted them.  Their bikes will be seized.

In addition, locally the upsetting outhouse break-ins continue – tools, bicycles stolen and also some incredible thefts: chickens from a coop and even a brown wheelie-bin!  The thief of this was seen driving off in vehicle SJ09 YFP so please look out for it and phone 101 if you see it.  At the golf club there was serious, costly vandalism: containers broken into, damage to buildings and a brand-new car damaged, just by stupid people with warped idea of fun.

Please watch out for yourselves and your property and don’t fall prey to thieves and scammers.

SPEEDWATCH is on lockdown like all of us.  We’ll be back on the road as soon as we’re given permission.

Please contact me about any security or crime matter.  Many people do:

Di Turner –   01883 743598.