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Thursday September 24th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch – March Edition

Catalytic converters have been a target for thefts recently and they have been removed even in broad daylight with a road block set up and a masked lookout stationed to confront anyone who dares to challenge the thieves.  The vehicles most at risk are hybrids as the converters are less used so the precious metals in them are less corroded.  In Tandridge borough the Lexus RX400, Honda Accord, Toyota Prius and Toyota Auris have been the most frequently attacked.  Each converter is worth about £200 to the thieves but the replacement would cost the owner about £2000.  Marking the converter with a serial number may help police to recover it and the vehicle manufacturer can supply a “catloc” which makes theft harder – and of course keeping your car in a garage is the safest measure.

Frauds purporting to originate from Amazon, Dyna-rod, and “romance” approaches are on the increase.  Internet safety is paramount so make sure your passwords consist of at least 12 characters, not a single word, and use a different one for each purpose.  Call 0300 123 2040 for advice about any fraud you have experienced.

Incidents in our village this year have included a property entered and a child’s game stolen (Barfields), a failed attempt at a break-in (Outwood Lane), electrical tools and bicycles taken from a garage (Big Common Lane), damage to the golf course and evidence of cannabis-smoking (Church Lane), a front gate damaged by a male offender seen loitering there early in the morning (Castle Street), and the sports pavilion on Grange Meadow broken into and alcohol stolen.  It’s interesting how many of these have happened in places on the outskirts of Bletchingley, where there are fewer passers-by.  Keep your eyes open.


We have been hit by the constant rain but still managed to do several sessions.  There is another police training programme in April so, if you might join the team, please come to the planning meeting and lunch on April 2nd.  Contact Di for time and place.

You have probably noticed the changes in the speed limits on Godstone Road.  You need to be pretty alert to adhere to them – 30-40-50-40-30 in each direction!  We’d hoped for a 30mph limit along the whole stretch but at least opposite Chevington a traffic island is being built, which will prevent overtaking on the hatching as happened before.  There have also been improvements to Little Common Lane and the Pendell crossroads. Thanks to Janine and Jeff Marks and others, including Chris French, who have spear-headed these measures.

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