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Monday October 26th 2020

Your new wheeled bin for your rubbish

Your new wheeled bin for your rubbish

Tandridge is delivering a new wheeled rubbish bin to every household in the district. The majority of households will have received their new bin last year. Once your new bin has arrived it should be the only rubbish bin being put out on your rubbish collection day with your green food waste caddy.

Follow these tips for hassle free rubbish collections:

  • We will only collect your rubbish from this one bin, please don’t use any other bin.
  • Put your bin at the edge of your property by 6am on your rubbish collection day, where you normally put your blue lidded recycling bin.
  • The bin lid must be closed, so it can be lifted safely into the vehicle.
  • Excess rubbish on top of or down by the side of the bin will not be collected.

Green bin bags

We have delivered a year’s supply of council bin bags to households which don’t have room for the new rubbish bin, or have access issues. Up to five of these bin bags will be collected each fortnight, but don’t put broken glass or sharp objects in them and please keep them away from babies and children.

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