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Tuesday November 12th 2019

Neighbourhood Watch – November update


There’s been a spate of bicycle thefts in the area so take care of yours. I found one abandoned just outside my gate not long ago and put up notices but no one has claimed it. Many power tools have been taken from outhouses and vehicles. is a free website for you to record serial numbers and photos of these sorts of items and other valuables so that if police find them they can be returned. Vans are a particular target; one in St. Catherine’s Cross was broken into recently. And a Ford tipper was stolen from Clerks Croft.

The vandalism caused by ball-bearing and air guns has been lessened by the arrest of two men from Crawley who damaged vehicles – and injured two people – in Bletchingley and South Nutfield as well as other places.

Animals have figured in the crime list: an attempt was made to steal ponies, and four sheep subsequently died after being chased by a dog off the lead. The sheep were in a field surrounded by barbed wire and the dog was outside with its owner, who thought there was no problem, but the dog found a way through the wire and the sheep were fatally traumatised.

Yet another scam, a fake Amazon automated call this time, saying someone has used your details to subscribe but you can cancel the transaction by pressing 1. Don’t!

A second scam I’ve just been told about by a villager is a message from a bogus London policeman saying your bank card has been compromised. Is there no end to these attempts to steal from people who are honest and trusting and therefore prey to credible villains? Please be suspicious and careful especially near Christmas when thieves everywhere are on the prowl.

But DO have a lovely time!


Things are going well. One session was cancelled because of bad weather but, amazingly considering the amount of rain, all the others have gone ahead.

Notices at the Pendell crossroads announce that at last work to make them safer would be carried out in November. There was another smash there on November 2nd.

This is the time the police redouble their anti-drink-drive efforts and several people were caught in Bletchingley last year so please don’t risk it. Have a fun but safe New Year.

Finally, thanks to all the faithful Neighbourhood Watchers and Speedwatchers who make these schemes possible. They are needed and valued.

Di Turner: 01883 743598