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Saturday January 18th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch – December update


  “Now we’re hitting 2020
Resolutions make aplenty.
Memorise this little rhyme
To help avoid all scams and crime:
Lock garages and sheds up tight
Fit an alarm and warning light.
Never leave your door ajar
Even when you don’t go far.
Don’t leave piles of cash around,
Hide it where it won’t be found.
Keep all your keys shut in a drawer
And never put them near the door.
Mark and photo things most prized –
Can be returned if recognised.
Don’t give your card or bank details
If serious double-checking fails.
Watch out for ringers on your bell
For false may be the tales they tell.
If bargains seem too good by far
It’s likely scams are what they are.
Be careful not to drink and drive
If you want to stay alive,
And if you’re cruising through the town
Don’t let Speedwatch note you down.
Do all that and do not fear;
Just have a safe and happy year!”
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