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Monday September 16th 2019

Neighbourhood Watch – September update

Because it’s two months since you got an update, I’ll just summarise the incidents during that time:

  • vehicle number plates stolen from two vehicles (likely to be used on another for a crime; you can get tamper-proof fixing nuts from the police),
  • two males arrested for stealing copper piping and cables (after an eagle-eyed resident reported prowlers),
  • a games console and silver Ridgeback mountain bike stolen after forced entry to a house,
  • another attempted burglary
  • and continued nuisance from off-road motorbikes including one with a DW14 CHY number plate – if you can identify the owner please tell me.

Successes by local police include:

  • Derek Smith from South Nutfield fined for handling stolen goods,
  • two shoplifters in Oxted arrested (one in custody and a vehicle seized),
  • a man in Caterham arrested for criminal damage and assault,
  • one arrested in Warlingham for vandalism,
  • in South Tandridge¬†a substantial amount of Class A drugs seized and the suspected dealer arrested,
  • and after relentless investigation 7 men have been found guilty of affray at a motorcycle meeting at Blindley Heath last year (the police bust a gut on that!).

You may think that in Bletchingley we don’t have to worry about what’s going on in these places, but I assure you that the baddies are mobile, especially after they’ve stolen someone’s car.

Watch out for two phone scammers: David Plough who claims to be a police officer, and Gary Turner, a phony water engineer.

I filled in a survey from Tandridge Council about crime in the village and said bad parking, speeding, nuisance bikes, dog fouling, litter and vandalism are all problems; serious/violent crime is rare but we are by no means complacent. I recommended more walking around by police/ dog wardens and larger fines for perpetrators, as well as speed monitoring on roads known to be rat-runs.

There’s also a survey from the Met. about cyber crime nationally and I’ve responded to that too.

I’m really pleased that we have another NHW volunteer – for the Whyte Harte end of the High Street. If you could cover any of the rest, a sundowner and only mildly twisted arm awaits you!


Despite best efforts by many residents, their request for the speed on Godstone Road to be restricted to 30mph was refused by SCC Highways and the stretch by Chevington will be increased to 40. We’re hoping to be granted a Speedwatch site there and will be doing as many sessions as we can. The team is now 15, thanks to three new recruits, but we’re sorry to have said goodbye to one who has had another birthday and is less able to withstand howling gales at the roadside. Thanks for your past efforts, Joan.

We held a planning meeting with supercakes (thanks, Pat) on 5th September and fixed the rota to next April. Rarely do we have to cancel a session, though wintertime with occasional monsoon conditions makes that more likely. The team deserves a gold star all round, particularly Jill who inputs the data to the police for checking and Jeff who liaises with Speedwatch HQ and produces the record sheets; both deserve TWO. There’s always room for more of you in our team.

Di Turner: 01883 743598