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Wednesday April 8th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch – February update

A reminder about drink/drug driving: over the festive season Surrey Police’s campaign apprehended quite a few and are still on the qui vive.  I doubt whether YOU are guilty but you may well know of someone who is about to drive under the influence and the police urge such witnesses to contact 999 immediately in such a case.  The minimum ban is a year, fines are unlimited, there’s a possible prison sentence, a criminal record maybe affecting employment or visa application, and an increase in car insurance.  Worst of all, there might be injury or death to the driver and/or someone else.

The Countrywatch policing team are very concerned about the number of thefts of machinery and tools from all kinds of outbuildings.  They say there are career criminals who spend all day searching for vulnerable premises and the police are now using stop and search measures to combat this. Often the premises are unlocked or with poor security so if you keep valuable items in your garage, shed or stable do consider extra measures.

A couple of weird incidents: bottles of milk were stolen from doorsteps in Crescent Road and Barfields, and in St. Catherine’s Cross at 10.25am, while a van owner was actually working on his vehicle a grey Mini drew up and the occupants stole a tool box from the rear.  The Mini turned out to have stolen number plates which suggests more than amateur thieves.

And of course there has been the usual vandalism: Boterys Cross bus stop, van windows, a car windscreen…. and no doubt other incidents not reported.  Please do your best NOT to be on receiving end of ANY crime.


Despite the rain, the team had to cancel only half of one session when they were too soggy to continue and the pens wouldn’t write on the record sheet.  (We don’t give up easily!)  We are two members down so need some volunteers and are having a lunch and planning meeting on THURSDAY 2ND APRIL, so if you’re considering joining us give me a ring or send me an email.  We’d love you to come along and promise no arm-twisting.

Di Turner:  01883 743598