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Saturday April 4th 2020

Easy Way of getting rid of your garden waste

As we say goodbye to winter, it’s time to head outdoors and get your garden prepped for summer. Did you know you can recycle your garden waste and turn it into compost to help things grow? It is easy to do and is the most environmentally friendly option plus, with compost bins from just £13, it’s cheap too.

Alternatively, you can also get your garden waste collected by joining our Garden Waste Club and you will benefit from fortnightly garden waste collections. It costs £67.64 for the first year and you will receive a new bin, in the second year it reduces to £57.64 per year. If you don’t produce much waste, why not share a subscription with a neighbour? Residents can also take garden waste to their local community recycling centre for free.

Last year, around 7,000 tonnes of garden waste was put in rubbish bins in Surrey instead of being recycled. This is bad for the environment and costs taxpayers’ money which could be spent elsewhere.

As well as garden waste such as twigs and grass cuttings, you can also recycle cut flowers, fallen leaves, house plants and hedge trimmings.

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