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Saturday April 4th 2020

Neighbourhood Watch Spring update

You are always reading this several weeks after events mentioned in it so may already have heard that our Country Watch PC, Alice Bennett, has gone to Mercia Police. She’ll be missed but we are pleased to add Kevin Stimson to our two PSOs, Vicky Seymour and Kerry Furlong. Lorraine Wells is in our village only for emergency cover but sends you all her best wishes.
Recent crimes include a front door damaged, fly-tipping in Warwick Wold road and elsewhere and, most upsetting of all, the car belonging to a very ill woman over 90 years old vandalised in a cul-de-sac. I feel very sad to think how shaken she must be.
Click on to “Little Book of Scams” for advice about fraud. The latest are from a Facebook “friend” telling you of a cash prize – IF you send the “release money”, more TV licensing rubbish designed to get your bank details and a fake one from “Virgin Media” threatening immediate disconnection and leading to phishing websites if you respond. There’s also a new rented property scam, demanding a deposit to view places, especially those suitable for students. You know better than to fall for any of those.
Some good news is that a new Victim Care and Witness Support Unit has now been launched. All victims of crime will be contacted to help them recover from their horrible experience and also to avoid their becoming targeted again. It will also elicit info. to aid police in finding the criminals. If you want to contribute info. or find out about the scheme, phone 01483 639949.
There will be a meeting of the Community and Police Crime group soon (date not yet advertised). I will be at it and tell you what happens.
This is going great (Speedwatch) “guns” and we have been using ours all over the village to good effect. On 3rd April we had a meeting before and after lunch to discuss the progress on traffic-calming measures locally, the two new Speedwatch sites in Castle Street (now up and running) and to plan the rota to September.
We have two new operatives and two more soon to be trained so we can cope with the extra sites and we are doubling the sessions every month from now to September.
A resident of Little Common Lane is at her wits’ end because of the dozen or so accidents in the area this year and has asked all interested parties to help. We will do our best to support her and so will the Bletchingley Parish Council. At a recent meeting at TDC, at which Janine Marks and Gill Black expressed local people’s concern about road safety, TDC councillors were dissatisfied with the Surrey response and the matter has now been referred to higher authority at SCC.
Please do your utmost to make sure your property is not at risk. With the police reduced to vanishing point the only way to prevent criminal activity is for we, the public, to safeguard our own possessions.
Di Turner; 01883 743598