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Saturday March 23rd 2019

Neighbourhood Watch update

Today, 9th February, I’ve just returned from three weeks in Goa and yes, thanks, I had a lovely time but I’ve hardly caught up with crime info. here.
This is what I’ve heard:
  • there has been more than the usual number of shed and garage break-ins to steal lawnmowers, tools and golf clubs;
  • two cars in different streets were vandalised, one having a plant pot thrown through a window and the other by ball bearings – such stupid and pointless crimes.
In most cases the owners had locked up and taken other precautions but It’s at this time of year that long dark nights encourage thieves and vandals to try their luck. House burglars also look for opportunities so use lights to make your place seem occupied when it isn’t.
We may think drug-dealing is not a problem here but two men, one from Redhill and the other from Caterham, have just been sentenced to two and a half years each after being found in possession of h 14 wraps of cocaine and others of cannabis with intent to supply. We need to watch out for dealers, get vehicle reg. nos. if possible and phone the police immediately. These two were alarmingly close to us.
Telephone call scams are becoming a serious threat. BT advises that you’re probably being targeted if someone calls you out of the blue to:
  • tell you that your service has been hacked
  • try to take control of your computer by remote means
  • tell you they’ve found a problem with your computer
  • ask for urgent payment and threaten to disconnect your computer
  • ask for payment details to activate Call Protect, Caller Display or any of BT’s other free services.

If in doubt give no personal details, hang up and report the call to You might prevent someone else from being caught.

Another recent scam is a caller pretending to be a police officer, asking you to go to your bank, take out a wodge of cash, put it in an envelope and it will be collected by a courier. The reason given is that the police suspect that the notes are counterfeit.

Then there’s the “investment Adviser”. One persuaded a woman to buy shares in “Real Earth Elements”, which turned out to be two kilos of….well, EARTH! You’d think no one would fall for this but one lady lost £k100. Best to stick to digging your own garden!


We continue as usual and another recruit will be trained on 28th February. Two others had volunteered but had to pull out as one is going to Cosi fan Tutti that evening and the other will be in Madeira. I really couldn’t remonstrate! They’ll be at the next session. We’ll be holding a lunch and planning meeting on 4th April and are hopeful of further volunteers to meet us then. Tell me if you’re interested.

Di Turner 01883 743598