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Saturday April 4th 2020

New wheelie bins for rubbish on their way

Later this year the Council will be delivering a new, free, 180 litre wheelie bin to all households for their rubbish. This bin should be big enough for most households, as it holds around three full bags of rubbish.

New wheelie bins for rubbish on their way

Smaller or larger bins or council bin bags for residents with access issues can be ordered by completing a form at by 30 April 2019.

Once the new bins have been delivered, they can be used straight away. Residents should put their new wheelie rubbish bin at the edge of their property, where they normally leave their recycling wheelie bin, by 6am on their scheduled waste collection day.

If residents already have a rubbish bin this can be reused in many ways, for example as a water butt or as storage for the garden. The Council will alternatively arrange to collect old bins and recycle them into new products such as picnic benches and residents can request this by completing a form at

The changes are being implemented following a formal direction from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that the current back door service and lack of rubbish bin provision has put the waste collectors at increased risk of injury. Having a bin for rubbish will reduce issues with sacks being ripped open and waste being spread by rodents and other pests.

Councillor Pat Cannon, Chair of the Community Services Committee, said: “These new wheelie bins and changes to our collection service will help keep our streets clean as rubbish will be securely stored. We will also be following the HSE’s recommendations, to make our waste collections easier and safer. If residents need a smaller or larger bin and please”

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