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Wednesday April 8th 2020

Public examination hearings for the Tandridge Local Plan

The public examination hearings for the Tandridge Local Plan: 2033 starts next Tuesday 8 October at 9.30am and will be heard by planning Inspector Philip Lewis BA (Hons) MA MRTPI. The draft timetable (ID6) for the hearings has been updated.

The sessions will take place at the Council Offices in Oxted and will run between 9.30am to 5pm on each of the scheduled days.

Watch the sessions online
In addition, the sessions can be viewed online as we will broadcast all sessions live The sessions will remain available to view on our website for six months.

Who can attend the sessions?
Representatives including parish councils, development professionals, residents and other stakeholders, whose attendance has been agreed in advance with the Inspector, will attend these discussions. With the number of people already invited to the sessions, we recommend people watch the webcast rather than come to the Council Offices.

View the documents
Local Plan documents, which include the draft timetable are subject to change by the Inspector. Agendas will be issued by the Inspector and will also be published on the Council’s website.

What will be discussed?
The following Matters will be explored during the hearings:

  1. Procedural/legal requirements.
  2. The provision of housing.
  3. The Spatial Strategy.
  4. Green Belt boundary alterations.
  5. Employment land provision.
  6. South Godstone Garden Community and housing allocations.
  7. Employment and land allocations.
  8. Development Management Policies.

Further guidance about the sessions has been prepared by the Inspector and is published on our website. In addition, all information related to the Local Plan can be found at