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Saturday August 17th 2019

Update on Sandy Lane Junction

Bletchingley Parish Council has been keeping a traffic incident register during 2018. Thanks to all villagers who provided us with incident reports. The outcome was that the Sandy Lane/Big Common Lane/Little Common Lane/Pendell Road junction was seen to be the most dangerous in Bletchingley and resulted in 10 accidents or near misses during 2018.

BPC submitted this evidence to Surrey County Council in November to add weight to a petition that was  submitted by residents. On the 29th of November Surrey Local Committee have agreed to the following measures:-

(i) A new yellow backed junction ahead warning sign to be installed in Little Common Lane on the approach to the Sandy Lane/ Big Common Lane/ Little Common Lane/ Pendell Road junction.

(ii) The existing junction ahead warning sign on Pendell Road is to be replaced with a yellow backed warning sign.

(iii) The existing “Give Way” signs in Big Common Lane and Sandy Lane is to be replaced with yellow backed “Give Way” signs.

(iv) The Road Safety Team are proposing to install high friction surfacing on Little Common Lane and Pendell Road on the approaches to the junction.

(v) The Road Safety Team are proposing to install advance warning signs of the “Give Way” in Big Common Lane and Sandy Lane.

For full details please see attached the full analysis of Surrey’s conclusions.