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Wednesday December 11th 2019

Any other Sports?

Is there anyone out there who wants to try and get a new sport going in the village? Think Rugby, baseball, rounders, hockey, netball or anything else you can play on a field that we haven’t thought of?

Grange Meadow already has a resident football team, but that shouldn’t prevent another, less league driven team, playing there, or maybe an under 10 or teenage team? What about a ladies team? What about a Grandad’s walking team? We probably don’t have the space or resources for a tennis court but come on, Bletchingley think laterally. Yes, there will be fees to pay, but they wont be exorbitant….

The current cricket pitch, whilst not in the best of shape for county cricket, maybe, is available for any number of team sports. Add to that the availability of changing rooms in the Pavilion and the rest us up to your imagination. The Sports Association will consider anything worthwhile.

Contact Bob Downie, or Jeff Marks, (07941 102179) and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.