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Tuesday March 26th 2019

Help bag a saving by recycling your clothes and home textiles

The lead-up to summer is when many of us refresh our wardrobes and replace old clothes and home textiles. But don’t throw out the towel or banish your boots just yet, why not recycle them and help save money and the environment?

Simply put clean and dry clothes and textiles in a standard sized, tied carrier bag and leave it next to your green caddy on your usual collection day. There are also textiles recycling banks at community recycling centres and in various locations around the Tandridge district.

All clean and dry clothes and home textiles including towels, sheets, pairs of shoes, bags and socks can be recycled. We can’t recycle stuffed items like pillows, cushions and quilts and clothes and home textiles left in bin bags, untied carrier bags or recycling bins.

Recycling all clothes and home textiles instead of throwing them in your rubbish bin could save up to £4 million a year, which could be spent on other services. It also contributes towards a better environment.

To find out more about recycling clothes and home textiles, download the Recycle for Surrey app, or call 01883 722000