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Tuesday August 21st 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Summer update

Lots to say this time. Please read to the end!

Nationally crime is becoming more frequent and alarmingly heartless, as witness the muggings of 97- and 100-year-old women and ruthless moped attacks on innocent pedestrians. We here have experienced almost none of this (fingers fervently crossed). Cuts in police funding are often blamed and I feel sorry for our overworked officers. It’s not their fault. But I fear criminals have now realised that crime often DOES pay and that they are less likely to be caught or severely punished.

This is an even stronger reason for NHW and participation by all of us. It CAN be effective. For example in Woldingham last month a Watcher’s alertness resulted in two criminals being caught and evidence in their vehicle indicated that further crimes were planned. If your street has no NHW coordinator please tell me and offer to fill the vacancy. We had 11 gaps and now 12 because Ron Napper, one of the founder members of our NHW scheme and a wonderful, energetic supporter, has died. We’ll miss him a lot.

Currently 20% of calls to police are not about police matters such as abandoned vehicles, stray animals, parking offences, noise nuisance, potholes etc. which are dealt with by other agencies. Please contact Tandridge Council (01883 722000) for advice about these, rather than ringing 101.

The rising price of oil is causing more thefts from domestic tanks. Turning off the control switch, isolating the electricity supply, hiding them with a fence or vegetation are preventive measures. At the recent Tandridge District NHW AGM a speaker gave advice about scams – far too many to list here – and his crucial message is: IF YOU NEVER BUY, SELL OR TRADE AS A RESULT OF AN UNSOLICITED APPROACH YOU WILL NEVER BE THE VICTIM OF A SCAM. Other advice included:

* get a password for utility and other companies to use when ringing or visiting you
* ask Trading Standards and BT about their new ways to stop unsolicited phone calls
* there are NO rehab. or similar projects in UK which issue permits so Nottingham Knockers’ (door-to-door salesmen’s) permits are fakes. Don’t trust them.
* make your letterbox theft-proof. Stolen letters may contain info. useful to con people
* if your mail stops arriving check with the PO that a criminal hasn’t caused it to be redirected
* beware of links in unsolicited emails; clicking on them may give a chance to access bank details etc. Did you know that criminals get £5 for each piece of useful info. they sell on?

I’d like to thank the Parish Council for their continued support, especially the inclusion of NHW info. in their new welcome packs and for their grant of £100 to Tandridge District NHW. They are real stars!


We’ve doubled the number of sessions and one has netted 24 speeders in a single hour. One more person has expressed interest in joining the team Will you make it TWO, please?
Di Turner: 01883 743598.