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Saturday April 21st 2018

Neighbourhood Watch April update

You have probably received through your door the “Policing Surrey” report from our Police and Crime Commissioner, David Munro. He , along with many others, has asked for a 5.3% increase in the policing part of the council tax. This suggestion was endorsed by about 60% of the respondents to David’s public consultation and has now been agreed. No one likes paying more tax, even a small amount as in this case, but our local police officers are underfunded and stretched to breaking point. I hear that the Caterham front desk is to be closed so our nearest is in Reigate. Things are pretty dire. The best way you can help is to take an interest; contact David on 01483 630200 or with any praise, complaints or ideas.
Some of the local crimes in March:
  • 12th – High Street: car window broken and Versace glasses and cash stolen.
  • 15th – Castle Street: attempted entry to garage, but thief was disturbed and left empty-handed.
  • 23rd – Castle Street: garage windows smashed and tree surgery tools removed, but later found nearby by police dog unit.
  • 26th – Rabies Heath Road: residents returning found rear door broken and cash, Acer laptop, i-pod and jewellery stolen.
  • 26th – High Street: windows of two cars broken, bag and cans of drink stolen. CCTV revealed a car driving slowly round the car park and a male wearing a grey hoodie getting out and trying door handles.
  • The evil catapulters have been at it again in Smallfield and South Nutfield; sadly, one cat lost an eye.
Scam latest:
BOGUS ONLINE BUYERS on marketplace websites contact someone who has advertised an item for sale, offer to buy it and say they will pay by PayPal or other electronic method. Then they send an email, purporting to be from the payment company saying it has made an error by overpaying you and asking you to refund the difference. Large furniture and home-ware are often the items.
BOGUS BAILIFF phones you, saying you owe money to a magazine and threatening action if you don’t pay immediately.
The Tandridge District NW Steering Group is willing to do bike marking at our village fair but only if at least four villagers help.  So far only one has offered so if you can spare an hour on 24th June pm, please let me know.
Please take extra care of new garden equipment. If you can keep it in your house, not an outbuilding, it’s safer. You may think losing your lawnmower gives you an excuse for not doing it but….!
We are catching up now and a planning meeting on 20th April will have set the schedule for the next four months. Lastly the Parish Council is monitoring accidents and dangerous driving in all parts of the village, especially because of the number of prangs and near misses. The Pendell/Sandy lane/Commons junction has had at least 4 in as many weeks and I saw a driver whizz out of Rabies Heath Road without a glance, nearly hitting an oncoming vehicle. Please email me with any such incidents and I’ll pass them on.
Di Turner: 01883 743598