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Thursday December 13th 2018

Neighbourhood Watch November update

Vandalism has been worse than usual recently; damage to cars, even one parked in a drive, and to properties, including one in Grange Meadow after an altercation with a group of youths. An incident which shows how quickly you can be the victim of a theft occurred when a driver popped into a village shop and in minutes two cases of wine disappeared from his vehicle.

A Bletchingley man has been arrested for non-attendance at court. He was originally picked up from clues left LAST YEAR when a house in the village was broken into. The police don’t give up easily!

Have you lost a Kindle or tools? Police found them while arresting a Bletchingley man. Enquire on 101 (ref: 45180110326).

You may have seen the TV programme about how easy it is to steal a car and how often a house is broken into to take the keys. Not all thefts can be prevented but hiding your keys and in a metal container hinders the thieves from using their electronic devices.

Despite residents’ and the police’s best efforts the nuisance bikers have reappeared at weekends and two people walking on footpaths had unpleasant meetings with them. All possible measures are being taken to stop this illegal riding but it’s hard to catch those responsible .

Last month’s Super-scam: Cybercriminals claim to have used your password (and they do give you a genuine one obtained from earlier data breaches so you believe them) to install malware on your system. Do not reply. Do not pay. Report the matter to Action Fraud. Flag the email as Junk if it turns up again and perform password resets immediately.

It’s Christmas shopping time but unfortunately not of “Goodwill to all men”. Watch your purse/wallet in stores (one villager had cards and cash stolen recently), and don’t leave presents visible in cars or at home or they may become someone else’s.


We have increased our efforts during the past weeks. One new recruit has been trained and has already done two sessions but my recruitment posters in the three village shops yielded no more. We have now been told that we must have at least 4 sessions per year at each of the 5 sites (soon to be 6 or 7 with requests by Castle Street residents granted). This is going to put too much pressure on our group of 10 as three people are needed each time. We think we may have to drop two of the existing sites unless more people join us.

There will be another training session before long. Over to you!

Bear in mind that the police step up their anti-drink/drive activity in December. Losing your licence would not be festive fun.As always, my appreciation to all our faithful Neighbourhood and Speed Watchers and wishes for a safe and happy Christmastide to them and to all of you.

Di Turner: 01883 743598