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Saturday August 17th 2019

Neighbourhood Watch December update

We continue to have a pretty peaceful and low-crime village but, as I’m writing this on 1/12/18, I just hope nothing will prove me wrong before you read it, and we mustn’t be complacent. There have been the usual occurrences of vandalism to vehicles and sheds broken into, notably a “chain-reaction” one in which one shed was forced to steal keys to the bigger one from which equipment and keys to a vehicle were taken. Let’s hope the vehicle isn’t later.

In another incident an office window was broken, an electric fence stolen, another damaged and straw bales set alight, a particularly spiteful act.

Last time I told you how cases of wine were taken from a vehicle while the owner was in a shop. This time it was a van from which a carpet disappeared while the fitter was in a nearby house.

That’s silly enough but some criminals just ASK to be caught. One, a Bletchingley man, presented a prescription with his name and address on it at a local chemist then stole £290-worth of goods and left. Not hard to trace, was he? Then he failed to attend court so was arrested, pleaded guilty, fined £85 costs and had to pay £203 in compensation.

I’ve just heard that our government is considering adding £2 per month for policing to council tax. In some parts of UK there’s already a £1 addition. What do you think about this?

Are you a good neighbour? The criteria, according to the Neighbour of the Year Campaign are that you are sociable, friendly, kind, helpful, caring and respectful. Their research found that:
  • 63% took in parcels, 54% dropped in deliveries, 51% claim to be quiet and courteous,
  • 49% keep an eye on others’ property, 38% say they park considerately, 38% say they are NOT nosey,
  • 31% check houses if they hear an alarm, 26% look out of the window if they hear an alarm to see its source,
  • 31% want to be friendlier with neighbours but only 15% have invited them in and 15% say they wouldn’t recognise their neighbours in a line-up. Food for thought!
A New Year’s resolution (if you’re tired of giving up smoking/dieting/going to the gym etc.): do all you can in 2019 to foil criminals. You know what to do; it’s just a matter of care and common sense – and remembering to DO it!
We’ve now done all the sessions for 2018 that are required by the police, some of them in cold, damp, windy weather. In fact, one householder was so sorry for us that she came out with coffee and chocolates. How heart-warming!
I’m told that a resident of Clerks Croft has expressed interest in joining us but we don’t know his name. If you do, please get in touch.Our next planning meeting with lunch is on Thursday April 4th. Any new recruits will be welcome. Just let me know.
Di Turner: 01883743598