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Thursday January 17th 2019

Road Traffic Incident Register

Bletchingley Parish Council is very concerned about the volume and speed of traffic going through and around our village.  Between January and March we recorded 7 traffic incidents/accidents but believe there were more that are not being reported.

We request that villagers report all road accidents including near misses (even those that do not require a police presence/report) to the Parish Council so that we can maintain a Road Traffic Incident Register.

Our aim is to be able to use this register to help the Parish Council evaluate and provide evidence for the need for future road/traffic improvements.

Please email with the following details:-

Road Incident:-

  1. Date/Time
  2. Location
  3. Brief summary of what happened and how many (and type) of vehicles (i.e. car/HGV etc) involved, as well as whether anybody was hurt.