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Thursday December 13th 2018

Bletchingley Oak Tree Carving Design Competition

Bletchingley has an old oak tree which has died and is located in the grass verge at the start of Boterys Cross.

Bletchingley Parish Council would like to see the tree’s life extended by commissioning its carving.  We are therefore asking residents of Bletchingley to draw a design for the carvers.  The design needs to somehow capture Bletchingley.

The carving could be horizontal, vertical or angled.  Use the internet to research other examples of what is possible with wood carving before sketching your idea.  Bletchingley is a very historic village, with castle remains, listed buildings, an old Church and Hevers Pond with its pond life.  These are just a few of the topics that can be drawn upon for inspiration.

It is hoped to utilise as much of the tree as possible, but this will also depend on how sound the internal part of the tree is found to be once cut down.  This may dictate how tall the ultimate carving can be or whether it should be carved on its side.

Flexible designs that can be interpreted to facilitate carving limitations are therefore preferable.  The winning design(s) will be given to tree carving contractors to interpret and utilise this in their designs.

The second part of this competition is to decide where the tree should be located once carved. For more information please contact the Parish Clerk

Kim Wantling

01883 742922

Competition closing date 26th March 2018.