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Tuesday March 26th 2019

Neighbourhood Watch Qtr 1 Report

As I write on 10th February there’s a lot to say.

I’ve just back from a month abroad and been told about an incident on 23rd January at the village shop where a man holding what seemed to be a gun wrapped in plastic threatened the shopkeeper and stole £600, having parked the car in Church Lane. In the past the post office has been similarly targeted. It seems unlikely that small premises in a village should be of interest to criminals but, depressingly, it’s no longer so.

Neither are sheds and garages unworthy of such attention; police are warning of a huge increase in break-ins to steal tools, bicycles, sports gear, and plant containers and advise using anchor chains for expensive items, especially in wooden sheds, as well as padlocks and alarms. In one Bletchingley street one night in January two garages and a shed were broken into.

Other crimes have included the usual number of vehicle windows smashed and a line of laurel bushes dug up and removed, an incident requiring more than one person and a vehicle parked nearby.

Scams warnings include ghost brokers who sell non-existent vehicle insurance, often using social media and giving only mobile phone numbers or email addresses as contact details because they cannot be traced. Check with the British Insurance Brokers’ Association if you’re suspicious. Another new scam is flight ticket fraud, offering ridiculously low fares especially to Africa and the Middle East. Check with ABTA or ATOL and use a credit card. It’s always dangerous to use bank transfer for any such transaction.


We’ve been having problems with the kit but hope it will be fixed by the time you read this and we’ll have caught up with the postponed sessions.

I’ve heard about another TWO accidents involving vehicles recently, both at the junction of Little Common, Big Common and Sandy Lanes with Pendell Road. This is a seriously dangerous spot so if you drive it please take extra care.

Di Turner 01883 743598