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Sunday February 24th 2019

Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter


17th to 31st January 2018

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members

In general you will note the repetitions in break in’s to sheds, garages and outbuildings.

Wooden sheds seem to be the most vulnerable and are very popular targets for thieves as they often contain quite high value items, especially bicycles, power tools and lawn mowers. It is not that difficult to improve security of outbuildings and of items within them.

It may be obvious but, secure the door. If you can keep a thief outside the shed, you’ve done your job and all internal security is just there as a backup. Securing the door with a good hasp & staple and a good quality padlock is a good start, but these must be fitted properly and it is just as important to secure the hinges!

Use a proper anchor inside the shed. Wooden sheds are vulnerable as a determined thief can often simply kick his way through the wall or even break in through the roof.

Securing the items inside is therefore crucial and an anchor of one kind or another is the foundation for everything else.

Wooden sheds are often awkward as they are commonly resting on soil with just a wooden floor and no solid walls etc., available. One option is to cut a hole in the floor and to lay some fresh concrete and then fit a conventional ground anchor. This can give the best security, but it can be expensive or time-consuming to achieve, and can still result in an anchor that is awkward to use for securing equipment.

The Shed Shackle can give an effective anchor that is still easy to fit in a wooden or metal shed, or a Ground Anchor can give a higher level of deterrent if you have concrete or brickwork available or don’t mind the extra effort of laying fresh concrete.

Use a good quality chain and lock and use them properly. It is important to choose the appropriate type of chain and lock to suit the value of the item(s) to be secured.

You may also consider a shed alarm.

There a several battery-powered shed alarms available from DIY stores and these offer a valuable additional deterrent. Their fundamental weakness, however, is that the thief is already inside the shed when the alarm goes off. The surprise might be enough to make them leave empty-handed, but many times alarms go ignored and if you have valuables that are not physically secured there is a good chance he will take something with him. Using a Shed Shackle will surely increase the time required and the thief’s risk of being caught.

Kind Regards

Dan Gutierrez
Tandridge Safer Neighbourhood Inspector

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