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Sunday November 19th 2017

Neighbourhood Watch November Update


Our former PCSO, Lorraine Wells, called in recently and sends best wishes to all her old Bletchingley friends. She is here only occasionally as an extra duty but sees the crime stats. and says she’s delighted to see how low they are for our village. I told her that it’s because you are all so careful and sensible – so please don’t let me down!

Three new scams: KRACK allowing access to passwords and emails transmitted over Wi-Fi ; this may infect any devices connected to the internet with malware or ransomware, so ensure that all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices are updated and browse only secure (https) websites; a “come-on-you-vain-and-silly-dreamers” offer of modelling jobs (up-front fee) for wannabee Marilyn Monroes and Clark Gables. I suggest you stick to the day job; I was alerted to the third by someone in Church Lane: an online postcode lottery scam promising millions and costing only whatever money you are silly enough to send. Keep it in your purse/wallet.
Watch out for a dark red Suzuki jeep HD51 EWY and phone 999 if you see it hanging about in yards and drives which it has no business to be in. And please don’t leave Christmas shopping visible in cars or house windows; it’s not Santa who may be paying an early visit. Have a lovely time but take care.
The Parish Council are pursuing the traffic-calming measures for the High Street and have asked Speedwatch to supply stats., which Jill Rigby is doing, based on our sessions during the past three years.
The speed camera at the East end of the village has been vandalised but should be operating again soon we hope as it is that which has the greatest impact on slowing down traffic from Godstone. I gather that only about 50% of these are working throughout the country as the deadly financial cuts chop funding. The two 30mph flashing signs seem to work intermittently. I’ll try to find out why.
We’ve been out as usual and hope some of you have noticed the frozen figures with blue fingers standing at the side of the road. If you volunteer we promise not to make you do a session till May. Please stop at one drink if you’re going to drive over the jolly season. The police are stepping up their vigilance and losing your licence is too awful to contemplate.
Finally, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the people who continue to do NHW and Speedwatch, some for over 20 years. I thank them fervently – and so should you.
Di Turner 01883 743598