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Tuesday September 26th 2017

Neighbourhood Watch September Update


I was sorry when PCSO Hayley Norman was removed from our neighbourhood team but now two new PCSOs, Kerrie Furlong and Rupert Kelley, have been assigned to us. I’ll be getting in touch to welcome them.

Thanks to a resident volunteer, we now have a Stychens Lane NHW coordinator.  There are still gaps elsewhere, especially in the High Street, where there is no one. I will be at the Tandridge NHW Steering Group meeting on September 20th when discussion will include ways to improve what we do. If you have any ideas, please tell me.


A new site (which we’ve campaigned for over years) on the A25 near Chevington Cottages is up for review again. Fingers crossed! Speeding on this stretch is appalling. We’ll be doing an extra session on 21st September, to cooperate on Edward Day, European Day Without a Death on the Roads.

Our recording accuracy is always pretty good (and of course the police double-check against their database) but we’ve been making a special effort to improve further with pleasing results.

The planning meeting with lunch will take place on 29th September. Sadly, though in the last bmag, I invited anyone interested in joining us to come along, no one contacted me so there will be only 9 of us. It’s not too late to contact me for a SPECIAL lunch just for you if you are thinking of helping Speedwatch.

Di Turner: 01883 743598