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Tuesday May 22nd 2018

May Neighbourhood Watch report

Last time I told you that five of our coordinators had resigned for understandable reasons, mostly about health. Further research has revealed 12 gaps and I’ve been trying to fill them with only one success so far – part of Castle Street. Everyone is so busy these days! Our NHW can function properly only if there’s a network of people covering the whole village so please read what’s involved and consider whether you could help.

If you’re already a good neighbour not much extra effort is needed because you’ve already got to know the people around you, said hello to newcomers, made them feel welcome and told them about what goes on in the village. Being a NHW rep. is really just a formalisation of this – swapping contact details, giving advice on how to avoid being targeted for crime and what to do if you are, being alert to suspicious behaviour locally (prowlers, bogus pedlars) and getting police reports about the latest scams. There are no boring meetings (I go to those and tell you if there’s anything you ought to know!), there’s lots of back-up from websites like “In the Know”, emails leaflets, police visits (as many or few as you choose to access) – and I inform you if a crime has occurred in your patch.The gaps to fill are these:

Church Lane – 19 houses Nos. 31-41

Coneybury – 11 houses

Hart Close – 16 houses

All 3 sections of High Street – 25 houses in each Crescent Road – 28 houses

Lamberts Cottages – 21 houses

Outwood Lane – Rhu Ellen to the Rectory on that side only (11)

Stychens Lane – 16 houses Stychens Close – 21 flats.

I’m sad about these areas with no one to Watch over them. When I took on the job of overseeing the village scheme some years ago I’d not expected this to happen. As you may know, I tried in 2015 to hand over to someone else while things were going well but I’ve stuck at it because no one was willing and I felt a responsibility to maintain the scheme started decades ago by Ron Napper, Nigel Price and others. I’m 75 now. I’m going to try to keep it going but I need help from people like you so if you live in any of the areas listed above and think you could be a Watcher, please ring or email me. Come and have a cuppa or a glassa and a chat. NO arm-twisting I promise!

WATCH OUT FOR BANKING SCAMS BY PHONE: In April several Bletchingley people were phoned by “The Fraud Office” (which doesn’t exist!) telling them their cards or accounts had been “compromised” and asking for info. which we should all know by now never to divulge to ANYONE, no matter how convincing. Most of the recipients were savvy and reported the approach to the police who took action. But be warned!

TANDRIDGE DISTRICT NHW SOCIAL EVENT: June 7th at 7.30 in the evening in Woldingham Village Hall. Less talk, more eating and drinking this time! All street coordinators will be getting an invitation but if anyone else would like to be there and hear about NHW, let me know.

Di Turner – 01883 743598


Sessions continue as usual and the new rota has been fixed to October.

Speeding on the A25 Bletchingley to Godstone stretch is a problem: an elderly lady driver was overtaken on the central hatching and the spraying debris damaged her car’s windscreen and pitted the bodywork – a £400 repair cost. Because she noted the reg. no. of the car we know who the owner is and he lives in Bletchingley. Action will be taken. If you experience dangerous driving please note the vehicle reg. and phone the police on 101. And then join our team!

Di Turner