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Tuesday May 22nd 2018

Help needed for Neighbourhood Watch.

We have a strong Neighbourhood Watch team in Bletchingley but recently some of the 40 or so street coordinators have moved away or become ill and there are 10 groups of houses no longer covered:

  • Church Lane – 19 houses
  • Nos. 31-41 Coneybury – 11 houses
  • 3 sections of the High Street – 75 houses in total
  • Hart Close – 16 houses
  • Crescent Road – 28 houses
  • Lambert Cottages – 21 houses
  • Outwood Lane – 11 houses
  • Stychens Lane – 16 houses
  • Stychens Close – 21 flats.

If you live in any of these roads and would consider helping us, please contact Di Turner: Tel: 01883 743598


Of course you need to know what’s entailed in being a street coordinator and if you are interested Di will tell you much more, but here is the outline:

  • It’s all about being a good neighbour and getting to know the people around you, noticing newcomers, visiting them with information about the village (supplied by us in Welcome Packs), making them feel at home, as if they have a friend already. It is NOT about spying or curtain-twitching!
  • It’s good to swap emails or phone numbers so you can get in touch about any security problems such as prowlers or vandalism. You will be able to tell your neighbours how to contact the police and how to avoid being targeted by criminals.
  • Looking out for especially vulnerable people is key, as is keeping your eyes and ears tuned to notice anything suspicious such as little packages changing hands in the dark, a dumped car, someone walking round peering up driveways, urging others to be observant and telling the police. There is back-up from several websites, two neighbourhood specialist police officers and Di, who oversees the village scheme, is always more than happy to talk or meet those involved. Many of you are good neighbours already and this is really just a formalisation of your role.

Please join us and help to make Bletchingley safe. Your village needs you!