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Monday May 20th 2019

Farnham Maltings Theatre company present ‘Brilliance’


 ‘The Night the Light Came’

Farnham Maltings present BRILLIANCE. 

Bletchingley Village Hall. Friday 26th October 7.30pm.  Doors open at 7pm with licenced bar.

Brilliance is a celebration of our ability to connect and find the light in a bright new world.

From the company that brought you It’s A Wonderful Life, The Iranian Feast and Yørgjin Oxo, we now bring you Brilliance a show with music made especially for village halls.

1948 and 1963, winter. Everyone is gathering in the village hall. 

Lightning has struck the hall roof.  Mrs Atkinson has called the repairman – a man who can fix a creaking door, chimneys that smoke.  And in he comes with his daughter, bright blue eyes full of brilliance, like an animal in from the woods.

 Long after its arrival in the city, the slow process of rural electrification is starting to illuminate every corner and crevice of village life. As the dark evenings hold us in, 240 volts of alternating current and the humble electric light bulb allow us to gather and sing long into the night.

 Farnham Maltings always has a great rapport with audiences and praise such as:

Humour, pathos, joy and great music!

Audience member, Robertsbridge Village Hall on Brilliance

I was holding back the tears … totally drawn into their world!

Audience member, Chilthorne Domer Recreation Centre on Brilliance

Made with live music and song, especially for village halls, this community feel good show promises to light a spark from the inside out.

Tickets £10 from Sue Morris (01883 743334), Clementine Sellick (07875 282377), Annabel Smith (, or from Bletchingley Church House office 9am-12pm weekdays.

Suitable for children 10 years+