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Thursday December 3rd 2020

Bletchingley Oilfield: drop-in exhibition

There will be a drop in exhibition outlining IGas latest proposals at the Lindley Room, White Hart Barn, Godstone between 2.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday 15 October.

IGas will be informing the public of their latest plans for the future of the Bletchingley oilfield, which is off Tilburstow Hill Road at Godstone. Their plans involve moving to oil production at well sites 5 and 6 and increasing production from around 300 to 600 barrels per day (80 tonnes) involving drilling up to four new wells (two at a time) and the enlargement of the site by 0.8 acres to accommodate new equipment. The wells proposed are conventional ones and there are no plans to stimulate the flow through them using the process known as hydraulic fracturing. Once operational at the higher production level, the oil operation would require up to four lorries a day to remove the production fluids.

Meanwhile, gas produced from wellsite 2 would be piped beneath the access track  to wellsite 5 and 6. No further drilling or flaring would be needed at wellsite 2 to achieve this, and the security fenced compound would be low key.

 Two options are being developed for the gas produced via wellsite 5 and 6. It could be used to generate electricity for the local grid (as well as for the site itself) or it could be fed (as gas) into the local gas grid. These schemes will form part of the planning which the company is now developing. The planning application will be submitted before the end of 2014. Subject to permission, the extension to wellsite 5 and 6 will be created in the late spring / summer of 2015 and up to four new wells then drilled between 2016 and 2020. It is thought that the site will then produce up until around 2030, with a further two years required for site restoration followed by five years of site aftercare. IGas  believe all the above can be achieved with minimal impact on  neighbours and they will do their utmost to ensure that is the case.

 Any questions about the proposals there is a drop in display of the plans at the  Lindley Room, White Hart Barn, Godstone between 2.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday 15 October.