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Tuesday March 9th 2021

Bletchingley Parish Council Safeguards the Future of the Allotments in Little Common Lane

Thames Water wrote to the the Bletchingley Parish Council on the 24th August to advise us of their decision to sell their land in Little Common Lane which currently houses 23 allotments.  Fearful of the possible loss to our Community, the Bletchingley Parish Council immediately entered into negotiations with Thames Water to purchase the freehold.  Our first offer to purchase was made on the 7th September, based upon a local valuation.  Unfortunately our offer was rejected. On the 10th September, the Bletchingley Parish Council proposed a second offer and we have this morning, 15th September 2009, received written confirmation that Thames Water Board have approved the offer of £10000 and our solicitors have now been instructed to proceed with the purchase of the freehold of the land.

The Parish Council are also still committed to the creation of an additional 10/12 plots in “The Old Allotment Field”, owned by the Parish Council and located in Stychens Lane.

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