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Wednesday January 20th 2021

Bletchingley’s “Funk Brook”

Bletchingley in Bloom

Bletchingley’s ‘Funk Brook’, which runs beneath Grange Meadow originates from Hevers Pond and Lay Brook.  Where it goes under the A25 it was called Funks Bridge.  It has now been relieved of its detritus, brambles and general undergrowth, thanks to the hard work of loyal ‘In Bloomers’ and as a result, now flows gently and sweetly.  33 bags of spoil were gathered including a rather large tyre.  This will be re-used to create another wildlife habitat within the Churchyard.  The cleaning was not indiscriminate and great care was taken not to disturb a particular habitat within a rotting tree trunk.  A new log pile was created in the hope that visiting creatures will make their home there.

The plan is now to introduce marginal plants along the banks of the brook and create a wildflower area under the existing trees.  This can then be enjoyed by all who use this green space at the centre of the Village.

Donations of suitable plants would be well received (contact Pamela Cock 01883 743171).

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