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Friday February 26th 2021

Bletchingley Playground Friends

An update on progress so far.  We have now consulted with the children of the Hawthorns School and are currently awaiting the return of the questionnaires. Once these are received, they will be analysed, along with those from St Catherines to try to finalise the type of equipment that the children would like to see in their playground. It is hoped to try to get final plans and quotes by the end of April. By this time we will also have a clearer picture of what funding we will have available. We have now received £5000 in the bank, with a further £5000 pledged by Surrey County Council and £10000 agreed by Bletchingley Parish Council. We have also received funds totalling £1390 in memory of the late William Robert Browne.  Total funds promised or received todate therefor are £21,390.  We will have a decision from Star Energy on our application for £20,000 by the end of March. The result of our application to the Gatwick Airport Community Trust for £5000 is not likely to be known before the end of May. Sibelco UK will also be looking at our application for funding and we hope to hear from them by the end of April. An application to RASP has been submitted and a response is expected by the end of April.

Another idea currently being decided on is a Sponsored Swim.  If this is to go ahead, it will be on the 30th May 2009 at the Hawthorns School.  Please let me know if you would be interested in helping or putting a team forward.  Details will be finalised shortly on this if it is to go ahead.

If you would like to find out any more about what we are doing or like to help in any way, then please do not hesitate to contact Kim Wantling on 01883 742 998 or by e-mail on

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