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Saturday February 27th 2021

Crimestoppers – helping to prevent, solve and fight crime in Bletchingley

Successful crime solving relies on good quality information being provided to the police.  But what happens when an individual holds vital information but is too afraid to come forward?  That’s when Crimestoppers can step in.

Crimestoppers is the independent charity dedicated to solving crimes and taking criminals off the streets.  Contrary to some misconceptions, it is not part of the police, a television programme or a government body.

Crimestoppers offers people an opportunity to pass on information about criminal activities by calling a number 0800 555 111, without the worry of anyone finding out.  When an individual calls Crimestoppers, they do not give their name and address, just the details of the crime.  Crimestoppers then passes this on to the police for them to assess the information and use it to take action.  So if you have any information on a crime that you would prefer to report without giving your details, call 0800 555 111.  To find out more about Crimestoppers, visit the national website (where you can give information by email anonymously as well) or go straight to the Surrey pages at

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