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Saturday March 28th 2020

Attempted Horse Thefts

Message from Thames Valley and National Horsewatch Alliance

There has been further information received about people photographing horses, possibly with the intention of their theft to order.  The vehicles are a White Van registration number N253 XAJ and a Red Land cruiser registration number B16 RBB.  One of the registration numbers involved may not match the vehicle so it is important that if you do report an event.  Your information must be as accurate as it can be.   Alternatively the number plate may be a clone so a good description of the vehicle is vital.   So far no crimes have been linked to these reports but we must be on our guard.   Some reports mention two males, others a male and female.

A number of horse theft reports have sprung up surrounding these events.   We are aware that the apparent theft of large numbers of horses at one time are actually hoaxes.   There have been individual thefts and the details of these are posted on the stolen horse register. Where a theft has occurred owners are advised to contact Horsewatch and the SHR to register their details, a crime number is an essential part of a posting and must be supplied.

We will continue to keep owners updated via the Horsewatch Bulletin and if you have information to report please contact your local non emergency Police number or Horsewatch via our website

Please pass this message on to all of your friends.

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