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Monday December 4th 2023

Become a Bletchingley Parish Councillor

Do you want to make a difference in Bletchingley?

By becoming a Parish Councillor you can:

  •  Take an interest in issues that affect your area
  • Represent the views of members of your local village or community
  • Have an impact on decisions that affect the lives of those around you, for example you can comment on local planning applications or give your support to community groups in the area
  • Have a say on how money is spent to benefit your community and local area

Being a parish councillor isn’t a full time job. It’s possible to represent your local community whilst still being in employment elsewhere. Our Full Council meetings are held in the evening on the second Monday of every month, usually with the exception of August. Our Planning Committee meetings are usually held on the last Monday of every month subject to bank holidays and there being planning applications to be considered.

Working as a parish councillor is done on a voluntary basis.   There is no salary involved but the benefits are that you get the chance to influence the decisions taken to improve services for your local area.

Local councils value the wide range of skills their members bring to the running of the council.

In Bletchingley we are all independent councillors, so you don’t need to be politically motivated to be on the parish or town council in your area.

How can I find out more about being a  local councillor?

 If you’re interested in obtaining more information about how Bletchingley Parish Council works, why not visit our section on the Parish Council or contact the clerk on or our chair on who can answer any questions you may have.