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Saturday August 8th 2020

Public Meeting re Tarmac, WBB and the future of North Park Farm

Bletchingley Parish Council and QOG (“Quarry Observation Group” will be holding a Public Meeting on Thursday March 20th at 7.30pm at Bletchingley Village Hall on:

Tarmac, WBB and the future of North Park Farm.   Help us!

Maximum support is needed for this fight to preserve our Green Belt.

Tea and Coffee will be served by the WI.

TARMAC – the Dodgy Decision

QOG has challenged the validity of SCC’s decision to permit the 111ft Tarmac Dry Silo Mortar Plant in Bletchingley.

At the determination meeting 27.2.08, the chairman said she would not be voting unless there was a tie.  The Planning Committee refused permission – by 6 votes to 5.  But Chairman declared a 5 all tie (because SCC can’t count) and voted for the application.  When the missing vote was recognised, she then used a second casting vote to change the result to 7 to 6 to permit.

Thus the only reason the planning permission has been granted is because SCC made an error counting the votes.

Nick Skellett, the Leader of the Council, has replied that SCC is not changing its mind, the chairman can have two votes and the decision to permit stands.

Are we going to accept being cheated like this?  What are the options? SCC’s mind has been changed before.

WBB Minerals –  a Retrospective Rip-off

WBB applied for planning permission for one design of plant (with lots of dust control measures) but SCC didn’t notice that a completely different plant was built – leaving out the dust control measures – including a 200ft cover for the sand stockpiles. SCC did not take enforcement action over any of the 14 breaches.  New breaches have now been found.  SCC is now considering a “Retrospective Planning Application” from WBB – for what they did build.

Are WBB going to put right any of the 14 breaches? No  Will we suffer? Yes   Should WBB stop Tarmac?

The Surrey Mineral Plan  –  this is only the beginning
The New Draft Surrey Mineral Plan is out for public discussion.

Where do you live?  How will the new areas to be quarried affect you?

SCC and WBB are considering attending. Come and air your views.

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