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Thursday April 15th 2021

Update – Pedestrian Crossing for Grange Meadow

This is something that has been asked for by Village school and the Community for the past 20 years and the answer from Surrey County Council Highways has always been no. Last year, the Parish Council finally succeeded in getting Surrey County Council Highways to do a feasibility study and produce plans for the proposed pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately this has come at a time when everyone is seeing budget cuts, including Surrey County Council. This project is one of three where Surrey County Council is looking at working in partnership with the local community in order to achieve the required outcome.

Our County Councillor Tony Elias has managed to secure from Surrey County Council £15,000 towards the project – however there is a time limit on this fund – it needs to be spent within this financial year or there is the risk of losing it. The Parish Council at its meeting on Monday 8th November confirmed it would secure £5,000 towards the costs. Quotes from both approved Surrey County Council contractors and a local company have been obtained following site meetings with the same. Expected costs for the project, as per Surrey County Council specifications are in the region of £42,000 plus VAT. Bletchingley therefore needs to find an additional £22,000.

Progress Report January 2011:

The Bletchingley Grammar School Trust has recently pledged £1,000 and Fundraising Activities during  the run up to Christmas have raised £1,230.36 with further pledges and donations committed of £5,910 expected to come in during February. This leaves us just under £14k to raise in the next few months.

Progress Report February 2011:

Slowly but surely funds are being raised as follows:

  •  £6,440 raised thus far in various Fundraising Activites and Individual Donations
  • £1,086 raised at at the Go Ahead Race Night on the 19th of February – Thanks to the Village Fair Committee for organizing.
  • £635 in local business donations including Lundy Healthcare Ltd, Take Shape, Mycoplasma Experience Ltd and Top Hand Car Wash & Valeting service.

Our County Councillor Tony Ellias has managed to find a way for Surrey Council to fund the footpath works from a seperate budget which saves another £3,807 so that leaves £9,145 to raise in the next few months.

Donations can be given in cash or cheque – cheques should be made payable to Bletchingley Parish Council – these funds will be securely earmarked solely for this project.

Progress Report 4th April 2011: 

After a very busy March final fundraising totals are as follows:

  • £7,428.15 raised thus far in various Fundraising Activities, Local Business and Individual Donations
  • £1,000 pledged by the Bletchingley Exhibition Fund
  • £1,086 raised at the Go Ahead Race Night on the 19th of February – Thanks to the Village Fair Committee for organizing.
  • £2,850.61 raised at the Promises Auction
  • £1,600 raised through the Fat Boy Slim Campaign

Total Raised £13,964.76

On top of monies pledged already by Bletchingley Parish Council (£5,000) and Surrey County Council (£15,000 + £3,807 – footpaths) this leaves just  £4,341.24 left as at 04/04/11

In order to commence works as soon as possible, Bletchingley Parish Council has managed to get approval from the Public Loans Board for a loan to cover the remaining funds so that work can commence in the Spring ready for an opening in time for the Village Fair.

The GAB team would like to thank everyone in the village that contributed to the Grange Meadow Campaign and of special note to the Bletchingley Grammar School Trust,  the Village Fair Committee (Race Night), PCSO Lorraine Wells (Promises Auction) and Ian Brown (Fat Boy Slim) for their tireless work and in Ian’s case no fish and chips, roast dinners or beer for 3 months – pure agony!
As the original Village Survey highlighted one of the best things about living in Bletchingley is the people. The speed with which the community got behind this campaign shows the excellent community spirit Bletchingley continues to have.
The next fund raising activity for the GAB team in conjunction with BAG and the Parish Council will be raising funds to replace the Skate Park, which unfortunately had to be removed early this year due to the rotting of the internal structure, which made it unsafe for future use.  Unfortunately in the present climate Tandridge do not have the funds to replace the structure so it is up to the Community to once more pull together to raise the necessary funds to have it replaced.