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Saturday March 28th 2020

Go Ahead Bletchingley

On the 20th of October there is a review meeting in the Community Centre at 7pm to discuss the ‘Go Head Bletchingley’ Survey and the next steps….

At this meeting there will be a review of’ if and how to press ahead with a potential crossing at Grange Meadow. One of the major topics that was raised over and over again in the survey was the amount, noise and speed of the traffic through the village and the concern about the dangers to pedestrians crossing the road in several locations in the Village including Grange Meadow. Surrey County Council did a feasibility study last year and have approved the location and funded the drawings and specifications of a new pedestrian crossing at Grange Meadow.

The only remaining problem is that all capital funding for local government has now been severely curtailed. As our crossing is considered a low priority, the chances of us getting this fully funded from Surrey are virtually zero. So, if Bletchingley Villagers want the crossing – and the GAB Survey seemed to indicate that they do – we are going to have to find a way to raise the funds ourselves. Anyone that has any ideas of how to raise funds or are interested in coming along and being part of the GAB team please contact