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Sunday July 12th 2020

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M23 road works for week beginning 29th June

Please see the weekly bulletin for the week beginning the 29th June  

Neighbourhood Watch – June

Neighbourhood Watch – June

Firstly, I hope you're all well.  We've been very obedient in Bletchingley about keeping the Covid rules and as a result there have been only a few cases.  I think it's a tribute to our sense of responsibility that this has been the case.  We're a very nice community and it's been of value during this epidemic with people looking out for each [...]

e-learning training package – Stay safe online

An increasing number of people may be working from home in the future and an understanding of cyber security will become even more important. The National Cyber Security Centre web site has a wealth of information about how families, employees and employers can protect themselves. The Centre has produced a new e-learning training package: For [...]

Local Free Walks to download and print

Hundreds of FREE local walks to download and print plus details of all the walking clubs in the country and loads more information.    

Financial help for Bletchingley residents

Residents in Bletchingley suffering financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can get help from Bletchingley United Charities (BUC). The fund provides residents with vouchers and cash donations to help buy food or pay utility bills.   This fund is not a substitute for more long term financial support, but is short term emergency [...]

Spending time outdoors

Following recent government advice, people can now spend more time outdoors in public spaces enjoying the fresh air with members of your household or with one person who is not in your household, as long as you stay two metres apart. We can now: Exercise outside as long as we want and as many times each day as we like. Use public spaces [...]

Domestic violence – find out what happens if you dial 999 and press “55”

During lockdown,  there have been increases in domestic incidents, some involving violence, and also some child protection incidents.  You may well have heard of the dial "55" silent solution if you need to call 999, but cannot speak on the phone. This video explains exactly what happens when you call 999 and we can't hear you - and how we [...]

2019 / 2020 BPC Annual Report

2019 / 2020 BPC Annual Report

Normally at this time of year the Parish Council’s Annual Report would be published in hard copy and distributed at our Annual Village Meeting. However, given the COVID-19 situation this has not been possible, so we have instead provided a brief summary of what we have been doing in 2019 -2020 and what we intend to do for the coming year within [...]

Neighbourhood Watch – May

Neighbourhood Watch – May

As I write on May 10th, all other local crime seems insignificant compared with the dreadful murder of Mr Dennis Kellond in his bungalow on the A25 just beyond our border with Godstone.  One of the most appalling aspects is that he was 88 and such a nice, well-respected man.  Another is that the person charged, Darren McClean, was brought up and [...]

Bletchingley in Lockdown photography project

One of our villagers is conducting a Bletchingley In Lockdown photography project, capturing residents in Bletchingley on their doorsteps to remember this period in history. Participants pay £20 for the service, of which £15 goes to NHS Charities Together to support the amazing NHS workers helping us through. For any residents that would like [...]

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